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Adding Images to Your Inventory and Webpage - CMS Help


Adding an image to your webpage can be easy! Just follow the instructions below. Note: Some features are different between Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The difference is elaborated upon below.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Open your inventory.
    Click "Inventory" on the left side of the screen.
    Inventory Button

  2. Upload your image.
    In Google Chrome, click "Choose File" (shown in image on left). In Internet Explorer, click "Browse" (shown in image on right).
    Google Chrome Image ChooseIE Image Choose

    After you've chosen your image, click the "Upload" button on the right.
    Your image will pop up in the inventory box above the upload box (as shown below).
    Inventory Box

  3. Getting your image.
    To add your image, you will need the URL address of the image.
    In Google Chrome, right click the image's name. Then, click "Copy link address" in the drop down menu (highlighted in blue below).
    Chrome URL Address

    In Internet Explorer, right click the image's name. Then, click "Copy shortcut" in the drop down menu (highlighted in blue below).

    IE URL Address
  4. Placing your image.
    Open the editor for the webpage you want to place the image on. Click where you want to place the image. Then, go to the top of the editor and click the "Image" button (outlined in red below).
    Image Button

    Next, a little window will open. Click in the field called "URL" and paste your URL there. A preview of the image will appear in the box on the right, in a little box called "Preview". Here, you can also adjust the width and height of your image. There's also a field called, "Alternative Text" which is where you can give your image a nickname of sorts. It's not necessary, though. When you're done, click the green "OK" button at the bottom of the little window.
    Image Properties

  5. Editing your image.
    If you'd like to make changes to an image already on your page, while still in the editor, right click the image and click "Image Properties" from the drop down menu (outlined in red below).
    Image Edit

  6. SAVE your page.
    Be sure to click the save button (outlined in red below)! This is the only way your changes will be added to your webpage.
    Save Button

  7. Go to your actual webpage.
    Load up your webpage and make sure all the images were added correctly. Now you're done!