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Adding Snippets of Code to Your Webpage - CMS Help


Adding a snippet of code to your webpage can be easy! To view the code of your webpage, you must click on the "Source" button. Here, you can edit the code. If you need placement help, please submit a request to EnablePoint Support via email, and once we have placed your snippet of code you will be able to see where to replace it if desired.

In the following example, we are replaced an existing snippet of PayPal code. We have created a "placeholder" for our customer.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Edit your page.
    Find the page you would like to edit and click its "edit" button.
    Edit Pages
  2. Full screen the editing box.
    Click the full screen button (shown in red outlining below).
    Full Screen
  3. View the HTML code.
    Click the "Source" button (shown in red outlining below).
    Source Button

  4. Scroll down to your placeholder.
    That is, if we've created one for you (shown in the two example images below). If not, some HTML knowledge is required. Contact EnablePoint for help.

    Placeholder 2
    Delete the current code between the placeholders. (Warning! Things could go wrong, so copy and paste the old code in a Notepad document. Do NOT use Microsoft Word!) Next, copy and paste in your new code.
  5. SAVE your page.
    Be sure to click the save button (shown in red outlining below)! This is the only way your changes will be added to your webpage.
    Save Button

  6. Go to your actual webpage.
    Load up your webpage and make sure the changes were applied correctly. Now you're done!