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Linking Text to Other Webpages - CMS Help

With this Content Management System, creating links to other pages is very simple! Make sure you have the URL of the site you want to link on hand (instructions on this are below). If you want to know how to link images, click here.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Getting the URL.
    Go to the page you want to link to your text. Highlight the page's URL (shown below).
    Getting URL
    Right click somewhere on the URL and select "copy" from the drop down menu (shown in red below).
    Getting URL 1.2

  2. Beginning the link.
    To make a link, you have to have some text (or an image as explained here) as a starting point of your link. After you've chosen your starting point, highlight it (as shown boxed in red below).
    Selected Text

  3. Making the link.
    Now that your starting point is selected and you have your URL, click on the chain-link button (as shown boxed in red below).

    Link Button
    This window (shown below) will pop up. Here is where you'll enter the URL of the webpage you want this link to go to. Once you're done, click "OK".
    Linking Screen

  4. All done!
    Your starting point should be underlined in blue now (as shown boxed in red below).
    Final Link
    Be sure to save your changes. Also be sure to test your link to make sure it works.